The professional dog training industry has no regulation, licensing, or oversight!

ANYONE is allowed to call themselves a “dog trainer” and take money for changing the behavior of your pet.

Dog trainers don’t have to prove they have any education in the subject of canine body language or learning theory.

Dog trainers don’t have to prove they have experience in knowing how to train an animal.

And some don’t even belong to the professional organizations whose trademarked logos are listed on their website!

That is why YOU HAVE TO PERSONALLY VERIFY everything if you want to know the quality of training your pet will get for your investment.

In Georgia, only forty-five professions are required to sit for a board exam to prove the knowledge they need in their field to get licensure to safely offer services to the public. If you are curious, you can click here to find out which professions require licensing.

Dog training is NOT one of the professions in Georgia that requires education or licensing!

As a consumer the rule is always BUYER BEWARE !

You wouldn’t go to someone who called themselves a dentist whose only credential is that they have teeth so they know how to be a dentist. Why trust your dog’s education to someone whose only credentials are that they have been around dogs their whole life?

Don’t take industry memberships and letters after a person’s name at face value just because you see them on a business website.

You MUST check out a trainer’s stated credentials yourself so you have the best outcome for your investment!

You can verify dog trainer credentials by looking in the pro directories of some of the organizations and schools that grant credentials. (Note: The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not offer education that equates to a dog trainer being certified so look for more than just a trainer’s evaluator or judges status.)

Verify Your Trainer - Credentialing Verification Link